The Bertram Group

Conditioning aerosol samples for FRAP experiments

Creating solution droplets prior to freezing experiments

Investigating aerosol deposit collected with a MOUDI

Preparing a sample on a glass slide to study aerosol fluorescence properties

Calibrating an instrument to measure ambient aerosol size distribution

Monitoring station in Alert, Nunavut

The joy of doing a CTD cast (conductivity, temperature and depth of the water column)

Returning home to the ship after microlayer sampling

Preparing clean glass slides to use as a particle substrate

New instrument development for ice nucleation studies

Environment Canada’s Whistler High Elevation Site where our group has participated in several field studies (credit: Environment Canada)

Fluorescence microscopy in UBC’s LASIR facility

Studying atmospheric aerosol phase transitions

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Bertram Research Group

We are analytical, environmental, and physical chemists with a focus on chemical and physical processes important in the atmosphere. Of special interest are atmospheric aerosol particles and the role they play in urban air pollution, climate change and atmospheric chemistry.

Ultimately, our goal is to better understand the role of human activity on the Earth’s atmosphere

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